Drawing Final Exam

1. Which project was your most successful? Please explain.
Leroy and Ryuma
I would have to say my most successful art project would have to be the Final Character scene. After creating our characters, we had to set them in an environment and make them interact in some way. The only materials we could use were water color paint and some prisma colors pencils. I don't have much expeirence with water colors, but I honesty feel that this project was most successful out of all the others. In my process, I did a basic sketch then outlined what i would paint. I used water color pencil to place the base color. After letting the paint dry, I went in with prisma colors to add more value and shades. I'm hoping to use water colors more often so I can get better at it.

2. Discuss one project where you felt you overcame the most obstacles. Please Explain. How does taking risks help you become a better artist?

Animal Drawing
Honestly, I didn't really have much of an obstacle with any of my projects, but I suppose the Animal project would my choice for this question. This was my first project upon entering this class, while everyone was already half done with their own. So I had some catching up to do. The materials for this project were prisma colors, and it was my first time using them. Since the white was my most used pencil, it was a tiresome task to get that actual white to show on black paper. Also with my limited time, I didn't get to finish the background I wanted. I always argue with myself about taking risks. Most of the time when i do take a risk to add something to an artwork, the outcome is always something I don't like. It looked better before, i would tell myself. Taking risks does have its positive results, though!

3. What two pieces of artworks that show your growth as an artist?

Charcoal Figure Drawing
Leroy and Ryuma
I would have to say these two have shown my growth as an artist. For the first, Charcoal Figure Drawing, we had to draw our partner on a giant piece of paper. Our material for drawing this was, well, charcoal. I've never liked charcoal, for it was too messy for me. Though it has its advantages so that you can quickly and easily draw lines and add great shading. Practicing for the figure drawing has really helped me get better at proportions and even get into a bit of realism. As for the Final Characters, that project is technically my first step at environmental scenes. Practicing for this project had helped me incorporate environments for every character I draw now. Before, I always just simply used pencil and paper for drawings. Now, I'm learning to use more materials, especially water colors.

4. Explain your thoughts on the privilege to your choice in subject matter and materials.

I think getting to choose what we can do and use is an effective way of learning. Or it has been for me. If you're a risk taker, then you have the choice to do something different and try something new, such as changing the materials you use. Prisma colors and water colors are materials I wish to get better at, and doing those projects helped me get motivated to do so. Our choice in subject matter, such as the character design, was a great idea and everyone agreed and had fun doing it. At least from what i've heard. Obviously the character project was certainly my favorite. The projects we got to do in this class have been the best, and actually this class has been the best art class I've ever had in practically my whole life. And I'm not exaggerating. Keep up the great work Rossi!

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