Friday, January 10, 2014

Character Final~

This final artwork was my favorite to do. In the final, we had to place the characters in a scene interacting in some way. I haven't used water colors since I was six or somewhere near there, so using it was fun and a bit tricky. Water color pencils are the best since you can add those  tiny, little details. As I said before, Ryuma is on a quest to get back his rightful place on the throne which his ancestors had lost to the lion pride. Currently on the throne is Leroy and he finds out the true royal blood is still alive, so he goes on his own quest to have the trueblood gone for good. Though, Leroy isn't the smartest for he has no idea what or who the true blood is. All he knows is that they are a hyena.
In this scene, Leroy and Ryuma had crossed paths and had an argument that Leroy's lionram attacked Ryuma. Leroy says he was just being playful. Leroy doesn't hide the fact he is on a quest to hunt down a lowly hyena, so Ryuma already knows to be cautious around him. Ryuma soon looses all thoughts of being alert for Leroy doesn't question who he his and asks him to join his journey. A journey consisting of nonstop babble from Leroy about how amazing he is.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Character Design~

Protagonist: Ryuma (Hyenabear)
Antagonist: Leroy (Lionhound)
When we first had to brainstorm our characters, I wanted to do something with animals and how an animal kingdom would work. So basically what i did is humanize some animals and even made hybrids of them. For example my main protagonist, Ryuma, is a hyena and bear hybrid. It is said that the hyena was meant to be the king of the jungle, with his powerful jaw lock and general strength, but because of its awkward gait and pitiful laugh, he was over ruled by the lion. Though, a lion isn't much of a king as it laze around and his pride does all the work, hunting and protecting. In my story, Ryuma is on a quest to get his rightful place on the throne that his ancestors lost to the lions. Antagonist, Leroy is a lion and hound (specifically a doberman) mix and he finds out the true royal blood is alive (Ryuma) and is on his own quest to have him gone so he can keep his throne. The environment is just like the general wild jungles and mountains, but they are divided. One landmass would just be a jungle, another a rainforrest, each having their own inhabitants specifically from there. On Ryuma's quest, he is joined by some company from the snowy mountains, Koda and her younger brother Charlie. Ryuma even bumps into Leroy from time to time and travels with him for awhile. Leroy never knew he was next to his target the whole time. The two boys usually argue and are always competitive (mostly to impress Koda, but she does not care). I wanted character's clothing to be tribal yet a bit modern. It also depends where they are from. "Magic" is also included in my story. More like elemental powers. For example, Koda can create ice and control icy wind, and Leroy can summon fire from his hands. This project is absolute my favorite.
Company: Koda (Wolfbear)
Company: Charlie (Wolfshark)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Animal Drawing

Using prismacolors for this drawing was a bit more difficult then I expected. Especially using the white color on black paper. I just kept adding layer after layer of white and quick hatching to get its fur. I didn't color as much where the shadows are. My animal isn't really showing much motion other than looking alert, so I don't have much to say on that. This was technically my first time using prismacolors, plus I usually don't color my drawings, so my coloring techniques aren't at its best. I wish I could have worked on the sky and ground a bit more, but I had a bit short time notice.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

figure drawing

 It's important to learn correct proportion and scale for figure drawing because you want it to look real. Doing those timed drawings and gesture practices were a good help as you can get a good sense of the body movement quickly and easily. I personally don't like working with charcoal, but using it for this drawing helped my hand easily flow along the paper. I was very happy on how it turned out.
this is mah art, so pretty and beautiful!!!!! #Brittany waz her