Friday, January 10, 2014

Character Final~

This final artwork was my favorite to do. In the final, we had to place the characters in a scene interacting in some way. I haven't used water colors since I was six or somewhere near there, so using it was fun and a bit tricky. Water color pencils are the best since you can add those  tiny, little details. As I said before, Ryuma is on a quest to get back his rightful place on the throne which his ancestors had lost to the lion pride. Currently on the throne is Leroy and he finds out the true royal blood is still alive, so he goes on his own quest to have the trueblood gone for good. Though, Leroy isn't the smartest for he has no idea what or who the true blood is. All he knows is that they are a hyena.
In this scene, Leroy and Ryuma had crossed paths and had an argument that Leroy's lionram attacked Ryuma. Leroy says he was just being playful. Leroy doesn't hide the fact he is on a quest to hunt down a lowly hyena, so Ryuma already knows to be cautious around him. Ryuma soon looses all thoughts of being alert for Leroy doesn't question who he his and asks him to join his journey. A journey consisting of nonstop babble from Leroy about how amazing he is.

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